Aspergers Syndrome - Same but Different?

Parents and teachers of children with Aspergers Syndrome know that if you've met one child with Aspergers Syndrome, you've met one child with Aspergers Syndrome!  No two children present exactly the same - rather they all present with different blends and mixes of characteristics and traits.  Add to this the often co-morbid conditions of anxiety disorders, depression, Tourette’s, OCD, bi-polar and more and the picture becomes even more skewed.

So the strategies and techniques that work for managing one child with Aspergers Syndrome often have little or no beneficial effects on another.  Of course there are some common "tricks" that are great with all kids with Aspergers Syndrome - like knowing they are visual learners and respond well to visual cues, hints and prompts.

I could tell you in my sleep (and backwards and forwards again!) what worked well for my son and the tried and tested methods we continue to use to help him manage his journey with Aspergers Syndrome, but those methods aren't necessarily going to have any impact on other children with Aspergers Syndrome.

The methods I employ in my dealings with other children/adults with Aspergers Syndrome come from a "tool box" of strategies I've amassed over many years of working with individuals on the spectrum.

Here's some gems I've learned along the way:-

- Aspergers Syndrome needs to be considered first in every situation

- don't sweat the small stuff with Aspergers Syndrome

- if it feels wrong for your child with Aspergers Syndrome, then it is wrong

- you are the expert on your child with Aspergers Syndrome

- we need to listen to our children with Aspergers Syndrome - they often give you the answers to help with their challenges

- there's always an alternate path for your child with Aspergers Syndrome

- "normal" is just a cycle on your washing machine

Please share with me the favorite "gems" you've learned in your personal journey with Aspergers Syndrome.

Nelle Frances 23-Sep-2013 2 Comments
Cherrie Salentijn commented on 23-Sep-2013 02:11 PM3 out of 5 stars
I love your comment:- "normal" is just a cycle on the washing machine
Ann Evans commented on 21-Oct-2013 07:09 AM5 out of 5 stars
"Always a sensory detective 24/7" and wont have it any other way :-)
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