Praise and Sensory Overload

Many kids with Aspergers Syndrome experience sensory overload from embarrassment or being picked out of a crowd in some way. This is why they often don't enjoy receiving an award at Assembly or Parade, or being praised for their work in class.

So does that mean we shouldn't reward them at all? Of course not - but we have to find a way for them to feel comfortable and proud of themselves at the same time. This is where thinking outside the square for your child with Aspergers Syndrome comes into play.

Some simple suggestions include:-

* a one-on-one meeting between the Principal and child with Aspergers Syndrome

*sending the  award to the Aspergers Syndrome child's house with letter about why they're receiving the award

If your child is embarrassed when they're praised, or don't like to be rewarded in public, talk to their teacher or principal and find a solution that suits your child.

Our Asperger child didn't "believe" praise that came from us (his parents). His reasoning was that we're his parents and we have to love him and everything he does. So when he was growing up we enlisted the help of family, friends and neighbours to ensure he "heard" praise and approval. We'd simply phone them with his achievements and successes and they'd casually drop it into conversation when they visited.

This worked for him and we saw him shine with pride. Everyone deserves to have their star shine brightly sometimes!

Nelle Frances 16-Oct-2013 0 Comments
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